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Good organisation is the key to success

Finding the right products can be a bit daunting. Luckily at Caddy we can offer a full comprehensive fitout service for your van or ute.

Let us take a look at your vehicle and we can suggest the best fitout for you based on needs, wants and work.

Tailor fit your workspace

Having a tailor made fitout to suit your field of work will help you to keep your tools and cargo well-organised for manageability and practicality. Each industry is different and requires its own type of storage system and accessories to make day-to-day work easier.

With dozens of configurations possible, choosing the perfect setup for you can be overwhelming, that is why we highly advice a visit to your nearest Caddy Storage outlet. Our team can discuss your priorities, assess your vehicle and recommend the most appropriate products and accessories to suit your application.

Trade Specific Accessories

Mesh Partition

A 25m x 50mm Mesh welded onto a steel frame and powder-coated graphite grey. Ideal for segmenting different sections of the cargo area.

Guard Frames
Guard Frames are used to store and transport manhold guards. Ideal for telecommunication industries.
Internal Ladder System
We can install a specialised space inside your vehicle to store a commercial ladder.
Jerry Can Holder
Stores a standard 20 litre Jerry Can. Good for transporting fuel or liquids safely.
Gas Bottle Box
Stores and encapsulates Oxy Acetylene Bottle, with a vent to safely dispense fumes. Good for Gas Transportation Industries.
Gas Bottle Frames
Stores round LPG bottles for easy access. Bottles are held in place using ratchet straps. Ideal for Air Conditioning Industries.
Roller Cabinet
Large Cabinet Shelf with a roller shutter door and magnetic locking. Keep valuables safe. Ideally used for transporting electronics.
Glass Rack
Safety stores large glass panels for transporting. Carpeted battens used to prevent damage.
Fire Extinguisher Rack
Large storage rack to hold fire extinguisher. Good for Fire Protection Services.

Popular industries we work with

Here is a small sampling of some of the work we have produced over the years.
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Telecommunication
  • Locksmith
  • Fire Protection
  • More

Electrical Fitout

To suit most commercial vans, utes and aluminium canopies. Products commonly used on this type of fitout include:
  • + Adjustable Shelving
  • + Cable Shelving / Holders / Hooks
  • + Conduits
  • + Ladder Slides (Internal or External)
  • + Rearstep
  • + Roof Rack System
  • + Flooring
  • + Cargo Barrier
  • + Window Guard

Plumbing Fitout

To suit most commercial vans and utes. Products commonly used in this type of fitout include:
  • + Adjustable Shelving
  • + False Flooring
  • + Caddy Drawers
  • + Rearstep
  • + Roof Rack System
  • + Cargo Barrier

Telecommunication Fitout

To suit most commercial vans, large vans and utes. Products commonly used in this type of fitout include:
  • + Gas Bottle Box
  • + Manhole Guard Frame
  • + Roof Rack System
  • + Multislide Ladder
  • + Conduit
  • + Flooring
  • + Workbench
  • + Cargo Barrier

Locksmith Fitout

To suit most commercial vans, large vans, utes and aluminium canopies. Products commonly used with this type of fitout include:
  • + Vice Grip and Slides
  • + CPS Drawers
  • + Adjustable Shelving
  • + Cargo Barrier
  • + Rearstep
  • + Roof Rack System

Fire Protection Fitout

To suit most commercial vans, utes and aluminium canopies. Products commonly used with this type of fitout include:
  • + Cargo Barrier
  • + Adjustable Shelving
  • + Window Guards
  • + Rearstep
  • + Fire extinguisher frames
  • + Caddy Drawers

Can't find your workplace here?

If you can’t find a fitout for your type of work, get in touch and we can discuss your custom needs.

Can't find your vehicle here?

Check out our full list of vehicle based fitout builders available here. There you can see what kind of product combinations are available for your vehicle.

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About Caddy Storage

Caddy Storage is a family owned, Australian manufacturing company. Our services include design, fabrication and distribution of vehicle storage systems and accessories, we cater to the Australian Automotive industry.

Our mission is to provide well-organised, affordable and practical storage solutions and accessories for any vehicle in any trade.

Why choose Caddy Storage?

  • Australian Manufacturing Facility making quality products, built to last
  • In-house design and engineering team, designing specifically for Australian trade specifications
  • With offices and distribution outlets nationwide, we can deliver your ute canopy wherever you are and whenever you need it
  • 35 years of experience
  • Warranty and Guarantees on all products
  • On-site installation with certified installers

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