Glass breakage: Caddy Storage Systems does not offer any warranty period relating to the breakage or scratching of glass on any of their own or supplied products. This period commences once the product has been collected by the customer or receipted by a 3rd party (ie. car dealership, freight company, car carrier etc.)

Ute Canopies: Your fiber glass canopy is guaranteed free from any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. Your canopy is covered by Caddy Storage Systems for twelve months from the date of purchase and subject to normal conditions of use. This guarantee loses its validity if any modifications or work is carried out on the canopy or if the canopy is damaged during installation by anyone other than authorized dealers of Caddy Storage Systems, if the canopy is mistreated in any way or if the canopy is sold or transferred by the original retail purchaser. The warranty does not cover broken or scratched glass, scratching on the stem of the gas struts, twisted or bent gas struts, scratching or rusting after installation, loss, accident, crazing resulting from impact or damage due to fire or forces of nature and theft. Canopy exterior paint defects include paint runs, low gloss, overspray, waves, pin holes, tape marks, polishing and/or sanding marks and visibility of touch up and dust/dirt in the paint. Warranty does not cover damage to the paint from stone chips, hail/windstorm damage, chemical/industrial fallout, bird/animal droppings or any other environmental condition. Damage or wear and tear to the vehicle’s paint finish caused by the canopy resting on the vehicle bed rails and from the canopy rear tailgate touching the vehicle tailgate are not warranted. In the event of any claim under this warranty, we shall repair or replace the canopy or take corrective action at our option. In no case shall we accept any responsibility or liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage extending beyond the cost of repairing or replacing the canopy or any expense resulting from the transportation of the canopy to or from the place of repair.