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Gas Bottle Boxes

Single or double colt oxy acetylene or E type frames with straps included for security


Gas Bottle Boxes

For Reference on Gas Bottle Cylinders. Please download the below PDF files:

Download – Acetylene Flyer.pdf
Download – Coregas 5-2, 16-3 Flyer.pdf
Download – Nitrogen 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0 Flyer.pdf
Download – Oxygen 2.5 Flyer.pdf
Download -R134a Refrigerant Gas Flyer.pdf

Gas Bottle Box Measurements

Product Compatibility

OX-05 850mm 457mm 345mm SEALED 335mm 135mm YES YES
OX-06 950mm 457mm 345mm SEALED 335mm 135mm YES YES
OX-07 1220mm 457mm 345mm SEALED 335mm 135mm YES YES
OX-08 380mm 300mm 260mm SEALED 335mm 135mm NO NO
OX-09 950mm 300mm 345mm SEALED 335mm 135mm YES NO
OX-10 455mm 350mm 250mm SEALED 335mm 135mm NO NO
OX-11 850mm 460mm 265mm SEALED 335mm 135mm YES NO
OX-12 335mm 135mm 200mm SEALED 280mm 95mm NO NO
OX-13 340mm 340mm 300mm SEALED 300mm 300mm NO NO
OX-14 400mm 400mm 400mm SEALED 367mm 340mm NO NO
OX-15 500mm 340mm 300mm SEALED 400mm 280mm NO NO
OX-16 520mm 700mm 350mm SEALED 487mm 640mm NO NO
OX-17 520mm 1230mm 330mm SEALED 250mm 1150mm NO NO
OX-18 580mm 405mm 345mm SEALED 500mm 345mm NO NO
OX-19 640mm 420mm 240mm SEALED 560mm 360mm NO NO
OX-20 650mm 340mm 320mm SEALED 570mm 280mm NO NO
OX-21 695mm 630mm 580mm SEALED 580mm 470mm NO NO
OX-22 750mm 457mm 345mm SEALED 710mm 390mm NO NO
OX-23 770mm 457mm 345mm SEALED 730mm 397mm NO NO
OX-24 810mm 400mm 450mm SEALED 730mm 340mm NO NO
OX-25 880mm 405mm 345mm SEALED 800mm 345mm YES NO
OX-26 1000mm 420mm 420mm SEALED 950mm 380mm YES NO
OX-27 1200mm 450mm 550mm SEALED 1120mm 300mm YES NO
OX-28 300mm 380mm 200mm SEALED 320mm 140mm NO NO
OX-29 800mm 300mm 330mm SEALED 720mm 260mm NO NO
OX-31 340mm 240mm 220mm SEALED 290mm 170mm NO NO
OX-32 815mm 260mm 210mm SEALED 750mm 175mm NO NO
OX-33 320mm 160mm 225mm SEALED 255mm 75mm NO NO
OX-34 450mm 240mm 200mm SEALED 385mm 155mm NO NO

Gas Bottle Boxes

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