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Caddy Storage Aluminium Canopies and Toolboxes are made to suit all Dual Cab, Extra Cab and Single Cab Utes. It features a solid design with internal supports all along the roof and body and is constructed from 2.5mm aluminium plate with additional aluminium reinforcement along the floor. The side doors are a simple gull wing design and contain a 105-120 degree opening angle. They are designed to fully shield you throughout most weather conditions, giving you on-site cover while you work. The exterior finish of our Aluminium Canopies and Toolboxes come in either a white powder coat, polished propeller aluminium finish or can be refinished in Automotive 2 Pack Paint to match the colour of your vehicle.

Our Service bodies and Toolboxes are a smart and economical choice for tradesmen, combining the storage capability of a van with the versatility to go most places with a Ute and are ideal for the on-the-go tradesmen looking to store their tools in safe, lockable and functional environment. Caddy ensures that a host of safety and security features are included as standard, bit we also provide a range of options to help you with particular trade.

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