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Hayman Reese Towbars & Accessories

Towbars & Towing Accessories for Utes, Vans & Small passenger vehicles.

Hayman Reese Towbars

X-Bar by Hayman Reese

A rugged, go-anywhere towbar engineered for off-road action. Designed and built for serious 4WD enthusiasts the X-Bar is engineered in Australia for the toughest terrain. More than just a towbar, the X-Bar has three rated recovery points, increased departure angle for maximum clearance and superior strength to get you out of any situation.

The functional design elements including integrated bash plate and protected plug mounting points keep your wiring protected in tough conditions. With a heavy duty sleek design, protected by the Hayman Reese® lifetime warranty, the X-Bar is your ultimate off-road towbar.  



Maximum Clearance

X-Bar sits higher on the vehicle, up to 100 mm vertically, offering improved departure angles of 5 degrees compared with OEM and other aftermarket towers. Values average, some models may vary.

Recovery Rated

X-Bar provides a purpose designed and rated rear vehicle recovery system encompassed in a fully Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliant towbar and is rated to 8,000 kg

Superior Strength

X-Bar features increased thickness side arms for better rigidity, custom forged 700-grade steel recovery points, and high-tensile Australian Standard Grade 10.9 fasteners.

Towbars by Hayman Reese

We distribute and install the following Hayman Reese towbars and hitch lamp protector towbars at Caddy Storage.

Towbar Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tow ball and rated D shackles
  • Vehicle specific plug-and-play trailer wiring – SmartClick™
  • Specifically designer for each vehicle and tested uner static and dynamic conditions
  • Full compliant with Australian Design Rules and exceeding AS 4177 specifications.


Light Duty Towbars (Class 2)

Typically rated up to 1200kg and is well engineered solution for light towing and mounting bike racks.


Medium Duty Towbars (Class 3)

Tyically rated up to 1600kg and features a 40mm x 40mm square hitch receiver with a removable trailer ball mount.

Heavy Duty Towbars (Class 4)

Typically rated to the vehicle’s maxiumum towing capacity and features a 50mm x 50mm square hitch receiver with a removable trailer ball mount.


Hitch Lamp Protector Towbars

The HLP is a lamp and body protector combined with the heavy duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. It’s designed to provide rear body and lamp protection for those commercial vehicles that need to tow heavy trailers.

Towbars installed at Caddy Storage

Towing Accessories by Hayman Reese

We distribute and install the following Hayman Reese Accessories at Caddy Storage.


Weight Distribution Systems

The ball weight remains the same, however, the load is evenly distributed across all of the axles. This restores the tow vehicle to its correct operating balance, carrying the load rather than dragging the load


Hitch Step

Designed to stay in place whilst towing, the Hitch Step mounts over your tow ball. The step features a high grade aluminium body with machine cut non-slip tread, making it corrosion resistant and giving extra grip for those slippery situations.

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