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Ute aluminium canopies built for storage & Security
Caddy Ute Aluminium Canopies - Combining extended storage with safety and protection of your tools and equipment.
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Caddy Storage Ute Aluminium Canopies

All our Aluminium Canopies are designed to suit Dual Cab, Extra Cab & Single Cab utes.

Our in-house design team specialises in creating a smart and economic choice for tradesmen. Combining extended storage with safety and protection of your tools and equipment.

Our Aluminium Canopies have several additional accessories, allowing you to create a storage solution to suit any work requirement and the option to pick from three different finish styles.

White - Alloy Flat Plate


White powder coat (paint) finish.

Alloy Propeller Plate


Aluminium propeller plate natural finish
(not painted).

Painted (to suit your vehicle)


Automotive 2-Pack (paint) finish – colour
coded to suit customers vehicle.

Standard Features

  • Drop-on aluminium canopy
  • 2.5mm Flat aluminium ute tray
  • 5mm Ribbed rubber flooring
  • (2) Side opening lift up doors – full length passenger & driver side, (1) Rear tailgate lift up door
  • Internal vertical & roof frame supports in the body
  • Re-enforced 2.5mm aluminium plate floor
  • Keyed alike door locks with no external fasteners for security
  • Pre-treatment chromate dipped (not applicable on propeller plate)
  • Stainless steel hardware

Additional Accessories

  • Alternative flooring options
  • Front & rear windows & window guards
  • Internal LED lighting system
  • Central locking system for 3 doors
  • Underbody trundle drawer & warning systems
  • Underbody boxes
  • Roof racks & roofing accessories
  • Caddy drawers & shelving kits
  • Side Steps & Grab Handles
  • Mesh Panel Partitions

Recent Ute Aluminium Canopy Fit outs

Build my Aluminium Canopy (2 minutes)

Create an aluminium canopy that’s built for you or your business.

Additional Accessories Overview

Windows & Window Guards

Standard Caddy Aluminium Canopies do not include any windows or window guards. The following options can be added to your aluminium canopy.

  • Front Window
  • Rear Window
  • Front Window & Window Guard
  • Rear Window & Window Guard
  • Front & Rear Windows & Window Guards

Underbody Trundle Drawer

Under tray trundle drawer.

1500mm L – Dual Cab Utes
1700mm L – Single & Extra Cab Utes

  • Key lockable with no external fasteners for security
  • Galvanised mid steel frame
  • Heavy duty bearing runners
  • Stainless steel drawer face
  • Suits most brand alloy tray with very little modification

Trundle Drawer Warning System

Alert/ warning system for Caddy Trundle Drawer.

  • Slim and unobtrusive design, made to work with existing trundle drawer Locking system
  • Theft Deterrent: Warning system will activate car alarm if the vehicle is locked and the trundle is opened
  • Warning system alerts driver when the trundle drawer is not locked. An alert will be sent via the “Door Open” feature in the cars computer system
  • If the above option is not available due to constraints in the cars computer system – a warning buzzer will be installed in the cabin of the vehicle.

Caddy Drawers

We have a wide range of drawers to accomodate your needs.

  • Built tough but lightweight for convenient handling with a 125kg load rating per drawer
  • Slam latch locking system for easy operation
  • All drawers slide out approx. 66% of their total length
  • Standard intermediate pin to stop the drawer from sliding when the vehicle is parked on a hill


Shelving Kits, Plastics Bins & CPS Drawers

An endless amount of storage options to maximise your storage and efficiency.

Our sales team will help you in picking the right combination of plastic bins to fill your shelving kit. The most popular shelving kits include:

  • Shelving w/plastic bins
  • Shelving w/lockable door
  • Shelving w/cable shelving

Our CPS Drawers (located to the right of the shelving kit) are a handy toolbox drawer system designed for small parts storage. It features an inbuilt handle and push button lock. CPS is a part of a modular system which allows switching carry cases and 2 sizes of drawers.

Underbody Boxes

Designed to be mounted under your aluminium tray, this underbody box is great for locking up your valuables, featuring a stainless steel hinge.

Underbody boxes are available in 2.5mm aluminium white – alloy flat plate or aluminium propellor plate.

The Underbody boxes can be added to the driver side, passenger side or both sides of your vehicle.

Specs: 665mm W x 450mm H x 200mm D

Roof Racks & Roofing Accessories

Caddy Storage is a distributor of Rhino Rack roof racks and roofing accessories.

Standard Caddy Aluminium Canopies do not include any roof racks. 2 or 3 bars can be added as an additional accessory.

Some of our Rhino roofing accessories for your aluminium canopy include:

  • Eye bolt kit
  • Ladder cable lock
  • Lader strap
  • Rhino ledder peg
  • Conduit and clamps


Mesh Panel Partitions

Create custom segments inside your aluminium canopy

  • Made from 1 x 19mm x 19mm tubular frame with 50mm x 50mm weld-mesh
  • Power-coated grey
  • Custom made to suit any specific size required.
  • Tie down points can be installed into the partitions for all items to be strapped onto.


What’s your next step?

Visit the Build my Aluminium Canopy page and see how much your dream aluminium canopy will cost.

The generated price from the Build my Aluminium Canopy system is an estimate only. A sales representative will contact you within one business day with an official quote based on the products you selected.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitant to call your local Caddy branch.

Build my Aluminium Canopy (2 minutes)

Create an aluminium canopy that’s built for you or your business.

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