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Ranger PJ-PK / BT-50 Dual Cab (2007 – 2011) Side Glass Doors – CME-W Canopy

Ford Ranger PJ-PK / Mazda BT-50 (01/2007 – 09/2011) Side Glass Doors – CME-W
Side glass doors – Workstyle Canopy – CME-W

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We have one of the largest range of canopies currently available in Australia. All of our Canopies have a smooth finish and are colour coded and compliment the style of the vehicle – not something that has been bolted on later.


  • Dual Cab

Key Details

  • Liftable side glass doors
  • Large side access
  • Factory styled roof rails for fitting roof racks
  • Internal carpet roof lining


Additional Information

  • Caddy Storage offers ute canopies which are colour coded to the paint manufacturers’ specifications. An identification colour code is developed by the paint manufacturer to try to accommodate any variations on vehicles painted worldwide as one generic colour.
  • The process of colour coding is not the same as colour matching. We do not offer colour matching or claim an exact colour match between the canopy and the vehicle. Colour matching is undertaken by vehicle repairers who can accurately match the colour of your vehicle irrespective of factory paint variations, or how old or weather-affected the vehicle is by varying the colour of the paint prior to application. If you seek an exact colour match to your vehicle, you should consult a panel beater for more information.
  • Ute canopies are not waterproof. They are weatherproof. If high pressure hoses or car washes are used on the canopy or tub, there may be leaks (in fact, in case you didn’t know, ute tubs generally aren’t waterproof either).
  • Canopies weigh approximately 100kgs each. This can vary depending on the style of canopy (ie. lifestyle/work style, window configuration).
  • Some ute canopies may have remote locking installed. The remote central locking system supplied in these selected ute canopies are integrated into the vehicle’s OEM central locking system.

All ute canopies have standard roof bars or roof rails (depending on the canopy) ready to accept roof racks. Load ratings for roof racks are dependent on the type of bars installed on the canopy.

canopy roof racks and roof rails load rating

Visit the Ford Ranger Canopy page to view all available canopies and styles for Ford Ranger PX & PJ-PK.

Ranger PJ-PK / BT-50 Dual Cab (2007 – 2011) Side Glass Doors – CME-W Canopy


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Ranger PJ-PK / BT-50 Dual Cab (2007 – 2011) Side Glass Doors – CME-W Canopy (OS-CAFR3)